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Tomas Dettlaff


With over twenty years’ experience of working with graphic design in different roles, Tomas Dettlaff has a broad range of skills. He has run his own agency, worked with communications at both industrial and IT companies and been a teacher in graphic design – a background enabling him to truly understand client side challenges as well as those for creatives.

Tomas masters the fine art of graphic design as well as interaction design and creative concept development. He loves getting to the heart of each matter he’s working on, to really understand the why and the how. A true passion, that enables Tomas to create concepts and designs that stand out and make a difference.

He’s not only a super professional, our dear Tomas, but a social creature too, always up for a good discussion. Whether the topic is design, technology, science or politics – we promise you an intellectually stimulating moment. In fact, even his two African Grey parrots seem to be smarter than average. Why? Well, just ask Tomas what they say when they see him every morning…


Brand development and visual identities, typography, conceptual art development and interaction design.


Phone: +46 (0)40 655 19 02
Mobile: +46 (0)72 853 81 41