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Sebastian Toussaint

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Thomas Watson Jr.


It sounds French, doesn’t it – “Sebastian Toussaint”? But our very own Sebastian is 100% German and achieved his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design in Mainz. You know, the city where the first books with movable type were printed by Gutenberg in the early 1450s. No wonder Art Director Sebastian has a special flair for typography. Sebastian is a very skilled designer with a strong eye for details and consistency. Combine that with a genuine talent and the urge to always find new solutions, and you have a very accomplished creative.

Most Germans come to Sweden for our beautiful nature (i.e. moose-spotting), but it was love that brought Sebastian here. He is an avid traveler and has visited 28 European countries, regularly going off the beaten track to places like Moldova and its separatist region Transnistria (where he almost went to jail as they thought he was an illegal immigrant). Thus he’s full of great stories. Hear some over dinner, and ask Sebastian to cook – he loves it!


Brand development, typography, web design, visual identities, editorial design, conceptual design, illustrations etc.


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