W Communication Agency

Em Kjellberg

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Neale Donald Walsch


Growing up in a tech-savvy family and with a background in photography and UI, it’s no surprise that Em (no, it’s not short for Emelie) thrives with the challenges she is facing as a graphic designer at W. After her studies in graphic design at Malmö Högskola, Em has worked with VR and game design. Em loves a good story, whether it’s told in words, through art, photo or in a video game and, needless to say, she plays quite a lot herself.

Being a curious, social and active person, Em loves learning new things, solving problems and being a part of the creative process, which is more or less everyday life at W Communication Agency.

Always sporting a big water bottle, Em is literally a “girl on the go”. When she is not working in In Design or any other illustration program, she enjoys working out at the gym, singing, listening to music, taking pictures with her Nikon D750 and – of course – playing a video game with a good narrative.


Animations, interaction design, visual conceptualization, web design and gamification


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