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Orbital Systems gets ready to take over the world

Press release from W Communication Agency

Forbes Magazine calls them ”the Tesla of showers”. CNN reports about their design and technology in their innovation films. With several awards, renowned investors and recruitments from Tesla and Apple it’s no wonder that Orbital Systems is creating a sensation around the world.

Technology company Orbital Systems has developed a solution for recirculating and purifying water. Their first product, closed-loop showers, recycle up to 90 % water and 80 % heat, while increasing comfort and filtering the water to become cleaner than regular tap water. The solution was created by founder Mehrdad Mahdjoubi and is inspired by technology used by NASA that he encountered when taking part in a collaboration between Lund University, as an Industrial Design student, and the space agency.

Customers include the Swedish Armed Forces, hotels, municipal bathhouses and sport facilities. Now it’s time to increase volumes and grow the company. Normally tech companies invest all their resources in product development, but Orbital Systems realizes the importance of communication and have chosen to work with W Communication Agency to develop their communication platform and best reach their target audience.

“We have been looking for an agency that could quickly grasp our offering and guide us in how to best package our unique offering, “says Simon Goldschmidt, Chief Commercial Officer at Orbital Systems. “W Communication Agency specializes in international B2B communication and has a solid track record of global launches.“

At W the team is happy and excited to start working with one of the world’s most exciting high tech companies:

“Orbital Systems is a perfect match for us considering their niche and global market, says Lisa Henningsson Önnerlid, CEO at W Communication Agency. “And their unique offering captures many dimensions of today’s key challenges, including sustainability and an enriched customer experience, which makes this brand even more inspiring to work with.”